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Lung capacity is the life of an athlete.

Lung capacity is the life of an athlete.

| Sohap Khan

 As we know, we require oxygen to have good health. We take in oxygen and take out carbon dioxide. Lungs play an essential role in exchanging these gases, and lungs send carbon dioxide to the brain, heart, and muscles. Thus it is mandatory to have good vital lung health for the proper functioning of the respiratory system. Strong lung capacity can be maximized by doing exercise. Due to this, breathing exercises have now become a part of disciplines at the professional level. Thus oxygen level in the body increases.

While low lung capacity results in shortness and difficulty in a breath, this can also happen to a smoking habit or any pulmonary disease. This lung capacity is standard, but the person feels weak. According to reports, breathing exercises can quickly improve your vital lung capacity. It makes your muscles strong, and you don't feel difficulty in breathing

  • It makes the respiratory muscles strong.
  • It increases your energy level.
  • There is the optimization of breathing.
  • It improves the functioning of the lungs m
  • As oxygen level in the brain increases, it becomes more focused
  • Oxygen level in muscles becomes high. So muscles become strong and good in appearance

Energy level boosts up. Thus stamina becomes good

Breathing exercises for increasing Lung capacity

Here are few breathing exercise that help you to increase lung capacity  

  • Interval training

Interval training is the best exercise for athletes to improve lung capacity, and interval training also helps to improve the overall performance of athletes. This exercise includes different activities like high and low-intensity exercises. For example, this exercise includes running at a high pace for 1 minute and running at a low pace for 2 to 3 minutes.

This is considered the best exercise for athletes because during high-intensity exercise, lactic acid is produced, and it causes muscle fatigue and pain after this recovery process starts which lungs work to break the lactic acid and turn it into oxygen.

  • Box breathing

Box breathing is such an amazing exercise for lungs training of athletes. This exercise calms the athlete's mind and body. Most experts suggest that athletes do box breathing before going because it is an effective technique that helps athletes to improve lung functioning.

  • Breath-holding

The breath-hold is a favorite exercise for athletes because it increases their endurance. Most athletes add this exercise into their daily workout program to increase their lung capacity. It also increases the tolerance of carbon dioxide in the body and improves the transfer of red blood cells in the body.

  • Breath on fire

Breath on fire is a well-known breathing exercise among athletes. This is a set of powerful and short exhales. In this exercise, the athletes contract and relax abdominal muscles to increase the capacity of the lungs.


As you know, lung capacity matters a lot for athletes. That’s why athletes do different breathing exercises along with physical exercises to improve their lung capacity. A good Lung capacity helps them to perform well in competitions. The most common breathing exercises which athletes do are drill training, breath-hold, interval training, etc.

If you are an athlete, do all the above-mentioned exercises to improve your lung capacity.

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