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Self-examination of lung functioning in patient with novel coronavirus

Self-examination of lung functioning in patient with novel coronavirus

| Sohap Khan

How can I learn about lung functioning through self-testing at home? Undoubtedly the lung function test is important for novel coronavirus patients or persons who have long term symptoms of respiratory diseases. The doctor recommends checking your lung functioning status daily because coronavirus affects the lung most. The bit is not safe for the covid-19 patient to go to the hospital or clinic for a lung function test. It could be dangerous for other people because coronavirus is highly transmissible. There is a high chance that the virus can be transferred to others if you go outside .

Moreover, you can also get another virus from people because covid-19 weakens your immune system and makes you more prone to other diseases. So it's better to do your lung function test at home because it's safe for you and other people too. But the question is, how can covid patients test their lung function at home? Let me explain to you that different devices help you self-test lung functioning at home.

In this article, you will learn about how you can do a self-test on lung function at home when you have covid-19 symptoms.

3 ways to do a self-examination of lung functioning at home

According to reports, there are hundreds of devices for checking airflow of covid patients or peóple with long term symptoms of  covid 19. According to reports, the normal airflow for men is 600 liters per minute, and for women, 370 liters per minute is normal.

Here are a few devices that help to record airflow and tell you about your lung health

  • Peak flow meter

The peak flow meter is a device that is used to check lung health; it is safe for adults and kids. This meter helps you to know the airflow, and after getting results on it, you can check whether your airflow is normal or not.   You can easily purchase it from any drug store. Additionally, if you want to buy it online, you can. It's easy to use for every person, and you just have to blow hard into the mouthpiece. It will show you the number so you can compare that number with the normal airflow rate.

  • Incentive spirometer

An incentive spirometer is a medical device that is used to measure the volume of breath lf covid-19. It is used in hospitals to check the lung functioning of patients with pulmonary diseases like covid and patients with long term symptoms of lung infection, etc. doctors also suggest that people use this device to check their lungs healthily if they feel there is a problem. This device shows you quick results.

  • Self examination Apps

There are hundreds of apps that are used to check the lung's capacity, such as spiro-smart, lung care, and lung capacity. But the most trusted app is super smart. This app uses its microphone for testing the capacity of the lungs. It is best for the covid-19 patients because you don’t need to go outside to purchase any device; you can download this app and track your lung health.


As you know, novel coronavirus is a respiratory virus, and it damages the lung in a short period. So people need to check their lung functioning or capacity when they get the covid positive. Even doctors record the covid-19 survivor to check their lung capacity each day at home after the recovery. There are various devices available that can help you to check your lung functioning at home. So keep these self-testing devices at home to avoid any emergency.

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