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Why smart breathing training is important for COPD patients

Why smart breathing training is important for COPD patients

| Sohap Khan

According to COPD guidelines Peoples having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease face the issue of breathing in their daily routine. Some people call it air hunger.  According to reports about 2 percent of the total population have COPD. In COPD, people experience shortness of breathing. When you feel breathlessness, you avoid the activities that make you breathless. So when you avoid physical activities, your muscles weaken, and breathlessness gets worse.

Furthermore, with the worsening shortness of breath, people become depressed and stop doing their favorite things. So experts suggest smart breathing because smart Breathing exercises make breathing easy. Smart breathing exercises enable men to manage their symptoms easily. Breathing exercises make people feel relaxed.

In this article we enlist a few smart breathing exercises, benefits, and COPD guidelines ⁹ .  

Smart breathing exercises

As we know, there are different breathing exercises. Here are a few exercises which help people with COPD and other pulmonary diseases to feel good.

  1. Pursed lip breathing

Pursed lips breathing exercise focuses on the shortness of breath by reducing how hard one must work on breathing in. This exercise helps in relaxation. This smart breathing exercise also assists people in controlling their breath and release of trapped air within the lungs. This is beneficial during strenuous work.

Here is the method on how to do smart breathing exercises for COPD.

  • First of all, relax your neck and shoulders.
  • Now slowly breathe in with your nostrils
  • Count up to two
  • Now make the shape of your lips as if you are kissing.
  • Now you have to breathe out while counting up to 4 slowly.
  • You don’t need to take deep breaths to perform pursed-lip breathing
  • You just have to focus on breathing in and out during counting
  • You can perform it 4 to 5 times a day
  1. Coordinated breathing

As we know, episodes of breath shortness can lead to anxiety and depression. According to COPD guidelines. Coordinated breathing exercise aids you in preventing you from holding your breath.

Here is the correct method to perform this exercise and

  • Take in the air through your nose
  • Purse your lips
  • Exhale through pursed lips
  • Repeat this process
  1. Deep breathing

When the air gets trapped in the lungs, you feel shortness of breath. Thus deep breathing helps prevent air from getting trapped in the lungs. Deep breathing makes it easy to breathe in the fresh air.

You can do deep breathing in the following way.

  • Sit or stand comfortably, bending your elbows back slightly.
  • Now take a deep breathe in
  • Now hold your breath and count up to five.
  • Now exhale the maximum air slowly.
  1. Huff cough techniques

People having COPD suffer from mucus build-up. While coughing the body clears out the airways. But constant coughing can cause tiredness. Thus this huff-cough technique is very beneficial in this regard. It makes coughing easy without getting tired.

  • Sit down in a comfortable position.
  • Now inhale a little deeper than the normal breath.
  • Now blow out the air with your stomach muscles. Blow out the air with three voices like, hahaha.


For a lot of people, smart breathing exercises are very beneficial under the supervision of a doctor. In this way, people become able to manage their lung health. So they become active and mobile. Some people also use standing and sitting positions to feel better. Patients with COPD must take their medications properly.

Along with your doctor, you can make the best possible treatment for COPD. These treatment plans can be exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, pulmonary rehab, and oxygen therapy.

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